24 Heavy & Young Thug – Bling Bling [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

24 Heavy & Young Thug - Bling Bling [Zippyshare + 320kbps] & [ + ]

 The Atlanta artists have done it again, dropping a brand new hit. ”” by and 24Heavy talk about how they want to shower their girls with ”bling.”

The two previously collaborated on ”Longtime,” off the recent Quality Control: Control the Streets Vol. 2.

While “Longtime” was more reflective of their past, this new track is more reflective of their future — the rise in their career, and how they seek a high maintenance girl they want to spoil with jewelry and sex. First, 24Heavy opens with a strong verse about the type of girl he’s looking for, and his possible search for a wife.

completes the second verse with the passion he never fails to embed in his music. His voice always gives the song an extra flare. He shows off the way he spoils his family, and what he could bring to the table, if he were to settle down.

So watch out ladies, it looks like these men are on the look out for a wifey.

Quotable Lyrics

She wants she want a salad n***a,
I told her I’ll be honest with her
As long as I make money with her
Bling on her, I’mma put a ring on her

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