Diplo Thinks He Knows Why Drake Hates Him

Diplo Thinks He Knows Why Drake Hates Him

Diplo Thinks He Knows Why Drake Hates HimDiplo Thinks He Knows Why Drake Hates Him

Drake hates Diplo. This, at least, it what Diplo suspects. Diplo is the subject of a long new profile in The Cut. At one point in that story, Diplo admits to writer Allison P. Davis that he believes Drake “for sure hates” him. Diplo has thought hard about why this might be.

Apparently, Drake has unfollowed Diplo on social media, and Diplo has taken notice. Diplo, always an active social-media presence, has had his Twitter password taken away, presumably because of his habit of tweeting obnoxious shit, but he continues to monitor things like whether Drake is still following him. Diplo thinks he’s figured out why this has happened. Cash, a writer on Diplo’s Adult Swim Major Lazer cartoon, once apparently posted a since-deleted joke-tweet about Drake’s son joining Brockhampton. Diplo says, “I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was super-funny.” (Diplo does not consider that Drake might’ve unfollowed him because he can be pretty annoying on social media.)

Davis writes that Diplo “laments the fallout because [Diplo and Drake] are both creators, both hang out in Vegas, and both have kids: ‘Come back, dude! I miss us! I miss us!’”

It’s worth noting, perhaps, that Diplo and Drake have never released any kind of collaboration, even though they seem like people who would absolutely collaborate with each other. In 2017, Diplo claimed that he’d recorded a track with Drake, but it never came out: “We did a demo for his project that didn’t make the album, but I’m always down for Drake.”

I have not interacted with Diplo for many, many years. But in my experience, Diplo is absolutely the kind of guy who will walk up to you and be like, “You hate me. What’s up?” And then you have to go through this whole thing about how you don’t actually hate him. This is not a shot. I have been that guy, too. Drake, I would imagine, has also been that guy. But Diplo seems to be that guy a lot.

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