MP3: Reese LAFLARE – Hol’ Up/Who [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

: – Hol’ Up/Who [ + ]

’s been a mentor to a lot of the youth in Atlanta over the years. Last year, he finally released his self-titled debut album and he’s made some major moves since. He appeared on Revenge Of The Dreamers III earlier this year and preparing for the release of his follow-up project. The rapper came through earlier this year with a double whammy, “Lil Skate For President” and “Cash Talk.” Now, he’s really getting ready to drop his new project, Final Fantasy with another two tracks. “Hol’ Up” and “Who?” arrived this week with a November 8th release date set for Final Fantasy. The singles vary in terms of production but on each track, comes through an infectious triplet flows in true ATL fashion.

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck Donald Trump, fuck y’all, fuck the wall
I’m on my bullshit, n***a how ’bout y’all?
I’mma keep it player, n***a, I’m LAFLARE
Hop on any beat and leave a toe tag there

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